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I paint to feel connected , centered and whole.  I feel very focused and calm and my boundaries disappear when I paint. Painting Plein Air ( outdoors and away from distractions) is amazing. It creates a sense of peace and focus and oneness. I found support for this feeling in the works of Mihaly Csikszentmhaly and his theory of "flow" and also in Maslow's writing and the theory of "peak experience." 

I look for places to paint which are remote. I particularly like to paint from high places or near water.

I like to work larger than most Plein Air artists but I have many smaller works. My favorite medium is oil. However, I also use acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. My colors are saturated rather than local and my paintings fall under the category of abstract realism. I am going for energy rather than realism. I tend to be fascinated by color, texture and shape and the way that paint and textures interact.



Ms. Carnahan likens painting to fishing. The bait is paint and on a good day she catches a fish.

Her technique is bold and not well thought out before the fact. She changes her technique to lure the prey. All of the supplies are within reach and sight and sound and smell and on a good day, she catches a painting that is a keeper.

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